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PMD is one of the leading progressive stamping die manufacturers. Progressive die and stamping is the most effective solution for metal components requiring complex production and development. Die stamping involves reshaping sheet metal through a die containing multiple workstations. A “die” is simply a cookie cutter for metal, and its workstations perform separate jobs to develop the final component.

Progressive stamping die can bend, cut, emboss, punch, coin, draw and shave metal in order to manufacturer a desired component. As a result, creating custom components for unique applications is efficient and accurate. If you are looking for precision metal stamping services, you can rely on PMD to create the components you need.

About PMD

As one of the top full-service progressive stamping die manufacturers in Ohio, PMD is capable of fulfilling the requirements of nearly any metal stamping project. We are also a leading supplier of metal components for various industries including hardware, bearings and gas distribution. During our time, we have built a reputation for meeting and exceeding the unique needs of each customer.

With an unyielding dedication to quality, PMD is capable of supplying high-profile clients at both national and international levels. PMD is capable of meeting the requirements of even the most challenging projects.

PRECISION METAL STAMPING SERVICES | Progressive Stamping Die Manufacturers

Buying straps, hangers and other metal components from PMD means you receive American-made products with high quality and performance standards. You also get the satisfaction of supporting an American owned and operated company. Furthermore, PMD products are manufactured with domestic raw materials acquired in the United States.

Here at PMD, we manufacture a variety of standard and custom products including hangers, conduit straps, washers and many other electrical hardware components. With our advanced equipment and experienced staff, we supply some of the finest products in the industry.

Advanced Stamping Equipment

We equip our staff with advanced metal stamping equipment, so we can offer unmatched manufacturing capabilities and product quality. With state-of-the-art equipment, we can effectively meet and exceed the needs of customers in various industries.

PMD is always looking for new and improved methods for enhancing our manufacturing services. As a result, we can provide our customers with the highest quality parts and service on the market. We also offer packing and assembly services to meet unique delivery requirements.

Design & Prototyping

The development of new products is a central part of PMD’s service capabilities. With our experience in design and prototyping, we can identify and solve problems prior to creating the hard tooling, so our customers receive higher efficiency and precision.

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Advantages of Progressive Metal Stamping | Progressive Stamping Die Manufacturers

Most notably, working with PM means you receive complex metal component manufacturing with quick turnaround as well as a variety of other advantages:

  • Quick Set Up
  • Consistently Close Tolerances
  • High Press Tonnage
  • Utilize Multiple Stamping Operations Simultaneously
  • Efficient Component Production Rate
  • Capacity to Produce Multiple Parts with Each Press Stroke

Best Components for Progressive Die Machines

Progressive Machine Die machinery is also capable of efficiently manufacturing parts at high volume. Progressive die machines take 38% less time in comparison to setting up four-slide or multi-slide machinery. Furthermore, our machinery can produce multiple parts per stroke, meaning they are ideal for high volume runs. Some common examples of components our machinery excels at producing include:

  • Terminals
  • Brackets
  • Lead Frames
  • Shields

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