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Progressive Die Stamping is the solution for complex, difficult to produce, metal parts.  The progressive die stamping process involves reshaping sheet metal through a die containing individual workstations.  A “die” essentially acts as a cookie-cutter. Each workstation performs a different operation on the metal piece until we reach the final component.  The die is capable of cutting, bending, punching, coining, embossing, drawing, or shaving the metal. Ultimately, making it easy to customize parts for varying specifications and demands. For all of your metal stamping needs, rely on our team at Progressive Machine Die.

Progressive Stamping Design & Process

Progressive stamping machines use a vertical motion when processing metal. To start, the metal is fed through the die. Next, an operation (bending, cutting, etc.) is performed progressively in steps until we reach the final product. This type of tooling can have anywhere from 1 to 40 fifferent steps. The layout of a progressive die station is dependent on many factors. First, how complex is the final product? Second, what is the production volume?

Product complexity relies on the orientation of the part as it moves through the die stations. On one hand, rotation of the part can be beneficial to the structure. On the other hand, maintaining the position of the part can reduce metal waste. The decision all lies within what is most valuable to our clients. Our design experts at PMD can talk you through the entire process and help you decide which design best suits your needs.

The volume of parts being made effects how the metal is fed into the die and the level of uniformity among parts. Most notably, how the part exits the die will play a large role in determining how many stations we need to complete the metal shaping. Depending on the level of involvement, output can be as low as 150 strokes or as high as 650 strokes per minute.

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Benefits of Progressive Metal Stamping

In general, one of the top benefits of progressive stamping is the ability to even make such complex metal parts.  Additionally, this process has many favorable characteristics.

  • Utilize Multiple Stamping Operations Simultaneously
  • Ability to Produce Components at an Aggressive Rate
  • Capacity to Produce Multiple Parts per Press Stroke
  • Quick Set Up
  • Consistently Close Tolerances
  • High Press Tonnage

What Products are Progressive Die Machines Great For?

Progressive Machine Die Machines are great for manufacturing parts at a high volume. The set up time for progressive die machines is 38% shorter than the time it takes to set up four-slide or multi-slide machines. Progressive dies can produce more than one part per stroke. Therefore, making them ideal for high volume. Examples of parts that progessive dies excel at making include:

  • Terminals
  • Brackets
  • Lead Frames
  • Shields


Progressive Machine Die is a full-service, Ohio metal stamping company.   We manufactuer metal parts for a variety of industries and applications. This includes hardware, bearings, and gas distribution.  PMD has built a reputation for ourselves by consistently meeting the needs of our customers. To us, this means exacting the engineering criteria for every project and meeting their deadlines.   Our dedication earned us repeat and referral business that enabled PMD to evolve from a tool and die shop to an important niche-market supplier serving national and international customers.