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Progressive Die & Stamping is the best solution for metal parts that are difficult to produce. Die stamping reshapes sheet metal through a die, which contains multiple, individual workstations. This “die” is essentially a cookie-cutter for metal, and the workstations perform different jobs to create the final product.

The die can cut, bend, punch, emboss, coin, draw, and shave the metal, eventually manufacturing the proper component. As a result, customizing parts for particular applications and requirements is much easier. Rely on Progressive Die & Stamping for your precision metal stamping needs.

About PMD

Progressive Die & Stamping is a full-service metal stamping company in Ohio. We are a leading manufacturer of metal parts for many varying industries, including hardware, bearings and gas distribution. PMD has developed a reputation for reliability by effectively meeting the demands of each unique customer.

Our dedication quality service allows us to operate as a top supplier for both national and international customers. PMD works to meet the requirements of all customers regardless of the challenge.


Buying American-made straps and hangers from PMD means you get the best possible quality. Furthermore, you get the satisfaction of supporting an American owned and operated manufacturer. Our products are manufactured with domestic raw materials found here in the United States.

Here at PMD, we manufacture standard and custom hangers, conduit straps, reducing washers and many other electrical hardware products. With our precision metal stamping equipment and expert staff, we create some of the best products in the industry.

State-of-the-art Equipment

We give our workforce the advanced tools they need to offer the best in product design and manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art equipment can easily meet the requirements of customers from a variety of different industries.

PMD is constantly searching for new and better ways to improve upon of manufacturing abilities, so we can give our customers the highest quality parts and most valuable service available. Furthermore, we offer packing and assembly services to ensure we meet each customer’s delivery requirements.

Design & Prototyping

The ability to develop new products for our customers’ applications is a crucial aspect of our services. Our experience in design and prototyping allows us to identify problems and solve them before the hard tooling is created. As a result, customers receive the benefits of higher productivity and precision.

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Advantages of Progressive Metal Stamping

Above all, one of the most significant advantages PMD offers the ability to make complex metal parts with quick turnaround. Progressive Metal Stamping offers the following advantages:

  • Quick Set Up
  • Consistently Close Tolerances
  • High Press Tonnage
  • Utilize Multiple Stamping Operations Simultaneously
  • Ability to Produce Components at an Efficient Rate
  • Capacity to Produce Multiple Parts with Each Press Stroke

Best Products from Progressive Die Machines

Progressive Machine Die machinery is particularly efficient at manufacturing parts at high volume. Progressive die machines take 38% less time relative to setting up four-slide or multi-slide machinery. These machines can also produce multiple parts per stroke, so they are ideal for high volume runs. Some examples of parts these machines excel at producing include:

  • Terminals
  • Brackets
  • Lead Frames
  • Shields