Progressive Machine Die | Rely on Our Products, Our People, Our Promises

Founded in 1963, PMD now operates from a purpose built, 80,000 square foot facility that opened for business in 1999. The building houses our administrative headquarters, engineering and design facility, and manufacturing plant.

Reinvesting in equipment

Fundamental to the company’s success is our policy of re-investing in technologically advanced machinery. Recent purchases include new press lines, packaging lines, and assembly equipment. In most cases, the operators themselves perform the press set-ups contributing to efficiency and productivity.

A loyal vendor base

PMD’s products are manufactured from a wide variety of types and sizes of materials including ferrous and most non-ferrous metals. Over the years, we have developed strong working relationships with our suppliers. Loyalty to our vendor base is returned in prompt delivery of top grade critical materials, even in times of tough market conditions. Working as a team with vendors in this way, we are able to meet our customers’ demanding just-in-time inventory requirements. Excellent rapport with suppliers also ensures that we can maintain the highest standards in an industry driven by quality and safety issues.

Asking the right questions

PMD maintains close contact with customers in order to respond quickly to their changing needs. Simply asking: “How can we make your job easier?” has led to improved procedures that increase customers’ productivity and efficiency. PMD strives to ask the right questions. Then we listen and respond.

A loyal workforce

Excellent working conditions, a comprehensive benefits package, and the most modern equipment combine to help maintain a stable workforce at PMD. Machine operators are responsible for quality at their own stations and the entire PMD shop team is proud of its quality record.

Our promises are as important as our products

The integrity of our promises to our customers, our vendors, and our employees is as important to the success of our company as the strength and integrity of our products. We strive to maintain the highest standards in everything we do.

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