Electrical Conduit Fittings Manufacturers

What sets Progressive Machine Die (PMD) apart from other electrical conduit fittings manufacturers? We believe it’s our commitment to the integrity of our advanced manufacturing technology, high-quality products, and communication with each customer. Asking the appropriate questions regarding your application to understand the requirements needed, followed up with consistent contact, ensuring complete satisfaction of every customer. 

What is Electrical Conduit Fitting Used For? 

Commonly used within residential and commercial buildings to protect, connect, hang and support electrical conduit. The design of electrical conduits is to protect any exposed electrical cable and wires. The conduit fittings continually connect conduits together when forming straight runs or a change of direction leading to junction boxes and circuit breakers. This process is commonly known as a raceway, a safety feature that forms a pathway for electrical utilities.

Choose Progressive Machine Die as your #1 solution for all your conduit bracing requirements and needs. It is paramount to prevent the raceway from sagging or breaking underneath its own weight. Ensure that all runs attached to ceilings and walls are adequately supported with conduit straps and hangers. Our conduit supporting products include: 

  • Conduit Straps
  • Conduit Hangers
  • Reducing Washers
  • And Many More!

Additionally, we can custom design any product based on your installation requirements, environment setting, and size of wiring it will be housing. 

Electric Fittings American Made 

PMD’s administrative headquarters, manufacturing plant, and engineering and design facility is centrally located in Macedonia, Ohio. We specialize in conduit hangers and conduit straps and we only use raw materials when manufacturing our products. Electrical conduit fittings are available in a wide range of materials, including cast aluminum, malleable, zinc, and fabricated steel.

When searching for electrical conduit fittings manufacturers for your next project, choose PMD. We deliver unparalleled, high quality engineered products at competitive pricing. We offer both universal and custom-designed conduit straps, hangers, reducing washers and other electrical hardware items using precision stamping equipment operated by skilled US workers.

Contact us to request a quote and learn more about what we can do for your next project.