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Metal Stamping Companies

Have you been comparing metal stamping companies for your next project? Metal stamping is a manufacturing process that uses dies and stamping presses to convert sheet metal into usable parts and tools for a variety of industries. The metal stamping process involves taking cold metal and placing it between dies, pressing the metal into its desired shape.

The die is essentially a metal cookie cutter. The workstations within the die perform several different jobs in order to form the final part. Metal stamping is a low-cost, high-speed process that allows the production of high-volume, identical parts.

Metal stamping machines can bend, cut, coin, punch, emboss, draw, and shave metal to create complex metal components, which makes customizing parts for different applications simpler. Although the metal is thin, the machine must exert significant pressure in order to cut and form the material. In fact, metal stamping machines can produce 10 to 50,000 tons of pressure. The amount of pressure needed to shape and cut the metal depends on the type of metal being used.

Some common examples of parts you will find with progressive machine die include terminals, brackets, shields, and lead frames. The versatility of the metal stamping process makes it the perfect production method for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and more.

Advantages of the Progressive Die Stamping Process

Have you and your team been trying to determine the most cost-effective metal fabrication method for your next project? Progressive die stamping could help you get the most out of your customization. Overall, when speed is critical to the success of metal customization, the method is often the ideal solution. With this in mind, see below to learn about just some of the most significant benefits of progressive die stamping.

If you and your team prioritize rapid production rates, then progressive die stamping could be the right method for your project. In all, progressive die stamping accommodates minimal cycle time per custom metal parts while other methods do not. The method also produces more custom parts in as little time as possible with continuous feeding.  

Progressive die stamping is also notable for minimizing waste material. In fact, the stamping process consumes the bulk of the original metal build material. If sustainable manufacturing is of importance to you and your team, then progressive die stamping could be right for your next project. In addition, the method incorporates recyclable materials.

The metal fabrication is also especially compatible with high-volume runs. In fact, progressive die stamping can allow for large runs through automation without risking any damage to tooling or dies and while speeding up production.

Working with Reliable Metal Stamping Companies

The metal stamping process requires experience and knowledge in working with metal and having the right equipment to accomplish your goals is crucial. High-quality die stamping companies provide the right hardware and qualified staff members to get your job done.

Partnering with a progressive die stamping company is a cost-effective way to produce complex metal parts. Progressive Machine Die (PMD), a leading company in progressive die manufacturing, supplies metal parts for a variety of industries.

At PMD, we provide our workforce with state-of-the-art tools and equipment in order to offer high-quality service to each and every client. We have a policy in place to re-invest in technologically advanced machinery. We have recently purchased new press lines, assembly equipment, and packaging lines. In fact, the operators themselves perform the press set-ups in most cases, which improves efficiency and productivity.

The progressive die machines we use have a 38% faster set-up in comparison to four-slide and multi-slide machines. Our machinery also produces multiple components per press stroke, allowing for efficiency in high-volume runs. We aim to contribute to your efficiency and productivity with consistent equipment updates.

Our experienced staff can meet the specifications of a variety of industries using our advanced machinery. We are ahead of the curve for product quality and service value, always searching for ways to improve our manufacturing techniques. We offer not only superior products and services but packing and assembly as well.

Why Choose PMD?

As an expert progressive die stamping company, PMD offers the best product quality in the industry. PMD is also an American owned and operated company, entirely operated by American workers, and our products contain only domestic raw materials from the U.S. At PMD, we produce standard and custom conduit straps, hangers, reducing washers, and other electrical hardware parts. Our experienced staff uses precision metal stamping machinery to manufacture products with unmatched quality.

At PMD, we value our strong working relationships with our suppliers. That loyalty is returned with prompt delivery of top-grade, critical materials. Working as a team with our suppliers, we’re able to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. It also ensures we maintain the highest standards in an industry where quality and safety are of utmost importance.

Our relationships with our customers are also highly valued here at PMD. We maintain close contact with our customers so that we can quickly respond to their ever-changing needs. We ask the right questions, listen, and respond. In fact, asking customers the right questions has led us to improve our procedures in order to increase customers’ efficiency and productivity.

The most modern equipment, excellent working conditions, and a comprehensive benefits package help us to maintain a stable workforce. The entire PMD shop team strives to uphold its quality record, and our machine operators are responsible for quality at their stations.

Progressive Die Stamping Company

Our promises to our vendors, customers, and employees are important to our success – just as important, in fact, as the strength and integrity of our products. That’s why we maintain the highest standards in everything we do.

About PMD

Among metal stamping companies, Progressive Machine Die leads the way, without a doubt. Progressive Machine Die (PMD), a full-service progressive die stamping company in Ohio, was founded in 1963 and operates in an 80,000 square-foot facility, which houses an administrative headquarters, design facility, and manufacturing plant. PMD has 22 modern stamping presses, from 22-275 tons, handling materials such as low and high carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and non-ferrous metals.

The PMD team offers a dedication to outstanding product and service quality. A top distributor for national and international organizations, PMD can tackle nearly any manufacturing challenge.

Contact the experts at PMD for the best product quality in the industry.