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Working with a proven progressive die stamping company is the most cost effective way to produce complex metal parts. Progressive Machine Die (PMD) is a leading company in progressive die manufacturing, supplying a wide range of industries with metal parts.

Die stamping is a process that takes sheet metal and reshapes it through a die, which contains many individual workstations. The “die,” in this context, is essentially a metal cookie cutter. The workstations within the die perform multiple different jobs to form the final part.

The die can bend, cut, punch, coin, draw, emboss and shave the metal to create complex metal components. This also makes customizing parts for different applications much simpler. PMD is a progressive die stamping company that can meet even the toughest stamping requirements.

About PMD

PMD is a full-service progressive die stamping company in Ohio. As a top supplier of metal parts, we work with companies from a diverse array of industries including hardware, bearings and gas distribution. We have built a reputation for unmatched reliability by demonstrating an ability to meet even the most unique requirements.

PMD offers an invaluable dedication to product and service quality. As a result, we function as a top distributor for national and international organizations. With our experience as a progressive die stamping company, we can tackle virtually any manufacturing challenge.

Why Choose PMD? | Progressive Die Stamping Company

When you choose an expert progressive die stamping company like PMD, you get the best product quality in the industry. You also get to work with and support an American owned and operated company. PMD is entirely operated by American workers, and our products contain only domestic raw materials from the United States.

PMD manufacturers standard and custom conduit straps, reducing washers, hangers and a myriad of other electrical hardware parts. We use precision metal stamping machinery and an experienced staff to manufacture products of unmatched quality.

Advanced Equipment

We provide our workforce with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, so they can offer quality service to every client. Our expert staff cab easily meet the specifications for many difference industries with our advanced machinery.

We are always searching for ways to enhance our manufacturing techniques. As a result, we are ahead of the curve for product quality and service value. In addition to superior products and service, we offer packing and assembly to meet the delivery requirements of every customer.

Design & Prototyping

PMD also offers the ability to develop new products for customer applications. With our experience as a progressive die stamping company, we can identify issues during the design and prototyping stages. As a result, we can solve issues before creating hard tooling and provide more productivity and precision for our customers.

Progressive Die Stamping Company

Advantages of Progressive Metal Stamping

Here at PMD, we have the ability to manufacture complex parts at high volume with quick turnaround. Choosing PMD will give you the following advantages:

  • Quick Set Up
  • Consistently Close Tolerances
  • High Press Tonnage
  • Utilize Multiple Stamping Operations Simultaneously
  • Ability to Produce Components at an Efficient Rate
  • Capacity to Produce Multiple Parts with Each Press Stroke

Common Products from Progressive Die Machines

Our machinery is especially effective when manufacturing metal parts at higher volumes. The progressive die machines we employ have a 38% faster setup in comparison to four-slide and multi-slide machines. Furthermore, our machinery produces multiple components per press stroke. As a result, they are extremely efficient in high-volume runs. Some common examples of parts you find with progressive die machines include:

  • Terminals
  • Brackets
  • Lead Frames
  • Shields